Our mission is simple: generate superior returns by investing into the full stack of financing opportunities in the startup ecosystem.

Plexo Capital prides itself on a distinctive model that values the unique perspectives of diverse investors to drive alpha and, as a byproduct, increase diversity in our ecosystem.

The Plexo Capital LP Network:

Investors in Plexo Capital include Fortune 100 companies + global institutional investors. Our LP Network provides our GPs + entrepreneurs with unprecedented access to multi-stage investors, limited partners, customers + strategic partners.

The Plexo Capital GP Network:

The Plexo Capital GP Network includes the next generation of franchises in venture capital built by GPs with the judgement, sourcing, and value add to win the privilege to work with the world’s best entrepreneurs at the earliest stages. Our objective is to be the LP that provides the most value beyond just capital by opening our platform to assist with portfolio construction, thesis development, fundraising, and LP introductions.

Direct Investments:

Our GPs provide us with unprecedented access for opportunities to invest into category-defining companies. The underlying companies of the Plexo Capital GPs exceed 900 and are the result of the hard work of our GPs reviewing tens of thousands of companies on an annual basis to identify the top one percent or so to add to their portfolios. This is our consideration set, and it allows us to operate efficiently in our selection process leveraging the insights of our GPs that had the conviction to invest.

When we started Plexo Capital, we realized that there is a new set of skills necessary for a great investor to transition into a great fund manager. Typically, the content necessary to develop these skills is not defiantly available.

We feel this lack of information is a significant barrier to new GPs from different backgrounds. It is our belief that this content should be available to any that desires it for free.

As a result, we developed the GPx program to provide video-based self-learning content with three learning objectives: 1/ forming a fund, 2/ raising a fund + 3/ managing a fund. The underlying video modules are taught by industry-leading experts with additional content.

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